Terms and Conditions

So I usually have a lot of questions about retainers, refunds, final payments shooting times, and a lot of other stuff. I put together some info for you to check out. Please read below!
So I usually have a lot of questions about retainers, refunds, final payments shooting times, and a lot of other stuff. I put together some info for you to check out. Please read below!


All retainers are non-refundable payments made prior to all shoots being booked. Retainers are in the amount of half of the final payment. (i.e. if your final amount for your shoot equals $200 then you are responsible for $100 to book the shoot.)

No shoots will be booked until all retainers are paid.


All final payments are due to book the date unless otherwise stated. Checks will not be accepted. Credit card payments need to be made at the time of booking and will incur a processing fee. Payment via Venmo and CashApp are accepted. Paypal will incur a processing fee.

No shoots will take place until all final payments are paid.

For commercial shoots: All fees must be paid in full before any product, digital or print, is delivered. NO EXCEPTIONS.. If payment is not made by 10 days there will be an additional 10% administration fee placed on the invoice. If not paid by 15 days the agreement will be null and void and the images will be deleted.

Retaining of Images

Images will only be held for a maximum of 10 days after the date final payment is due.

After 15 past payment due date the images may be deleted and removed from company hard drives to make space for additional sessions and clients.

Finished images are usually kept around 10-15 business days unless the images are for portfolio reasons.


Locations are set prior to all shoots by Gustavo. Any special locations may incur a location fee or deposit.

In the event that a separate location is needed for a special event that qualifies for special pricing, client may be asked to either book on a separate day or take a time later in the day as to not take additional time away from other shoots taking place that day.

In addition, if the shoot happens on a day where special event pricing is in effect, the client may be asked to purchase additional shooting time slots to compensate for the travel time to and from the location.

In the event that a location that is scheduled is not available a secondary location will be provided at no additional charge to the client. If the location is greater than thirty (30) minutes away from the previous location, the client may be asked to move their shooting time and/or date to accommodate for the new location and shooting time(s).

If the client is unwilling to move their shooting time and/or location upon the closing of the previous location, no refund will be given.


In the event of client cancelation, the retainer is forfeit or may be used to apply to another shooting time later.

You have 30 days to reschedule from your initial shooting date.

In the event that the photographer must cancel, the earliest available shooting time will be given to the client. If the client chooses to not reschedule, all monies paid are forfeit. No exceptions.

Special Pricing

If the shoot is in relation to a special price or free (i.e. for a show, travel, won the the shoot via contest, etc) and the client cancels the show or shoot, all monies paid are forfeit and there is no option for rescheduling the time.

Session times

All session times and duration are communicated upon booking and a final confirmation will be sent before your shooting date. Please arrive 10 minutes early to prep for your shoot. This time can be used to prepare makeup and hair or get a pump for your photo-shoot.

If you are late that time will be deducted from your shooting time.


All personal shoots are for personal use ONLY. If personal shoots are found to be in use to promote a business of any kind then the client is responsible for paying the difference between personal shoot pricing and commercial shoot pricing. NO EXCEPTIONS.

All commercial shoots come with a full copyright release and usage rights for the client. These images and videos may be used by the client for any and all promotional reasons.

No release of copyright or proofs of images will be given until all monies are paid. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup is provided if you wish to purchase it. It ranges rom $125 - $150 for both hair and makeup. All payments should be paid separate to the artist.

If you choose to not go with hair and makeup provided by makeup artists I am not responsible for sub par retouching. So please make sure whomever you use is good with hair and makeup.

Additional Photographers

No additional photography or photographers are allowed during the photoshoot unless otherwise agreed upon at least 48 hours prior to the shoot.