Team Photos

Team photos have become to blasé anymore. The same poses, the same faces, all for the same boring shots that the soccer team puts out, the cheerleaders, the volleyball team, and the basketball team. How about we change all that?

Gustavo Seniors is a full service production studio geared for taking care of all of your team needs. From basic team photos to composite images as well as motivational posters, we can do it all AND we can do it at nearly the same price as that larger company that everyone knows the name of…but we won’t say it out loud. Shhh…

We’re not wanting to come out and take over the world (well, we kinda are), but rather we are for the more discerning teams. We want the teams that want to look wicked, cool, and totally…well…ya know. But enough of all that. Take a look at what we’ve done for others and then let’s set up a consultation!

My Philosophy

Look like the Pros, Play like the Pros!

I firmly believe that a team that looks the part will play the part.

Teams have changed since we were all in high school. Let’s face it. No longer do teams and players like the “hey mom” shots of them simply standing or kneeling and holding a ball. They want to look like the pros and feel like the superstars they watch on TV and follow on social media. And frankly, I’m with them all the way! So that’s where we come in. We do composite work with multiple images and design posters by hand! Just like they do in the pros and at the D1 college level!

With my experience working with large universities, professional athletes, and professional apparel companies, I know we can make something to fit in with you and your team. We guarantee you will NOT look like the cookie cutter images of yesteryear!

Regardless of your sport, I can work with you. Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Cheer, or even the Chess team! I can work with you and make sure you’ve got the most epic team photos around!


Customized to Your Team

Every single team is different and each team wants a different look and feel for their group.  We take time to meet with each team, talk about ideas, and see where each team wants to go.  Then we cover everything with the coaches and boosters/booster mom’s and figure out the best way to accomplish it.  This way no two teams look exactly the same!