Seniors FAQ

Have questions? Take a look below and see if they’re answered here. If not, give us a shout and we’ll answer as soon as possible!

Ok, so how much does it all cost?
Ahhhhh the #1 question. Figured I’d knock it out right away. 🙂

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Where do you usually do your shoots?

Anywhere really. I’ve shot in several cities in KY, TN, OH, and IN. I’ll go anywhere you want me to go!

Sometimes, for some shoots, we can do a shoot in the studio and make some composite stuff happen. Most of the time though, we do it on location so we are more organic and get a more realistic feel to the images!

Can my shots be used as a modeling portfolio?

Yep. I actually have a lot of clients that ask this. If you let me know what you’re going for with your images when we have the consultation, then we can cater the shoot around you and your needs 100%!

I want to shoot at a railroad track!

Ah yes…see…well here’s the thing. Shooting at or on railroad tracks is both dangerous AND illegal.

Here’s a reason why it’s dangerous.

And as for being illegal: railroad tracks are actually private property. This private property is, in some cases, patrolled by a security guard that can arrest you and then charges of trespassing can be filed against anyone on the property without permission.

What do I wear?!

You can wear anything for your shoot. Some folks wear prom dresses, some wear dressy clothes, skirts, slacks, jeans, shorts, etc. The sky is the limit.

Athletes typically wear their uniforms, workout gear, and all that good stuff. 🙂

What about hair and makeup?

Yep! We have it! We can do it for ya. No problem at all. It’s a minimal cost and the team that we have on call is AMAZING! Most of the ladies you see here on the site are pretty amazing at what they do!

I'm looking for more traditional know, nice backgrounds in the studio and stuff.

Awesome! I’m afraid we don’t really do that kind of thing here. We’re more interested in the personal experience and something more unique and geared toward fashion and beauty or athletics.

Is there a cost to be a Rep for you?
Good question! Yes, there is a minimal cost, however the pay off is HUGE (tons of FREE prints, freebie shoots, chances to earn money, opportunities to earn referrals for working events, and much more). However, because of these freebies we offer limited positions with schools around the state. So be sure to get a heard start and contact us now!
I want to shoot with a flag!

I simply cannot do this. I have many family members that have been members of the armed forces over the generations and I respect the flag and what it stands for. As a result I simply cannot do a shoot that involves using the flag as a prop. I know this will kill some people’s desire to work with me, but it is something that I can’t stand behind. I hope you understand.

Flag Etiquette and Rules