March 12, 2016
March 3, 2016
Gustavo added video to his portfolio in 2012. For almost 2 years he practiced, shot, and edited more than 50 video projects before releasing his first video. Then he sought the advice and help of the top video professionals in his state and surrounding areas. With leaps and bounds he grew and his videos have gotten better and better. Now, the videos that he and his team put together can be seen with publications such as Muscular Development (Raising Compton Series and feature presentations), GORGO Women's Fitness Magazine, and the new Sisters in Shape as well as short motivational videos and commercials for local and national IFBB Pro Bodybuilders and competitors.

Gustavo's video services are perfect for the personal projects, documentary videos, and commercials for your company. Contact Gustavo now to see how he can help you with your next project!