Got questions before your shoot?  First timer?  Worried about posing?  Other general questions about shooting?  You'll probably find your answer here. :)


I want to use my images for promoting my business. What do I need to know?
Awesome. We specialize in commercial images for the professional fitness world!

Basically it breaks down like this:

Personal Images and Video: your own PERSONAL use. This means you cannot use it as a promoter, for promotional reasons for any business at all.

Commercial Images and Video : You can use them for anything you could ever possibly want for anything. This comes with usage rights, no logos, and the shoot is catered to the specific needs for your business.

Basically you cannot use personal images to promote any company or service at all. Commercial images and videos can be used across the spectrum but they are a higher cost for time, images, and so on.

More questions: Contact Gustavo!
I've never done this before! What should I expect?
Believe it or not, most of the people I work with are brand new to this type of thing. I'd say an easy 95% of them are newbies! As a result, we know what it takes to make things comfortable and easy going for you. We'll tell you exactly what to bring and what to do to give you awesome images for your hard work!
What should I wear or bring?
That depends on what you're shooting!

For Fitness, CLICK HERE

For Beauty and Glamour, Sexy Fit and Boudoir, CLICK HERE

For Inked stuff, CLICK HERE
Ummm...I've never posed before! I'm not graceful at all!
I would rather you don't know how to pose, believe it or not! You haven't developed all of those bad habits that "models" do. So you're good. I'll help ya out and let me tell ya, when you see me pose like a bikini girl? You'll laugh so hard you'll forget what's going on. :)
What should I wear?
What are you doing?  What style? We shooting fitness?  Click here.

Are we shooting some sexier stuff?  Click here.

In addition to what you find on those pages, feel free to ask me anything else.  I'll help you pick out wardrobe and whatever else you've got questions about!
Do I need a hair and makeup artist? I don't like when others people do my makeup.
If you really, really don't want to use our hair and makeup folks...that's cool. But take a second, sit back, and think about it. Do you REALLY want to do your own hair and makeup for your shoot? We have a crack team of professionals that are worth more than what we're paying them. haha
I just want a few shots/outfits. Just 1-2. Maybe 2-3 hours.
No problem.  We have a full pricing system set up for you to check out and consider!

Contact Me for a full run down of the numbers!
I don't even know what to do! Can you help me pick a concept?
Absolutely! I do this with clients all the time! As soon as we get your deposit down we'll work out your ideas and concept for your images so we make sure that we get everything you want!
Can I bring food?
YES! Especially for your after show shoots! You will need carbs! Some of these shoots go a long while. So make sure you have enough nutrition to last. I don't want to be the reason you lag at a show. So plan accordingly!
Should I shoot before or after my show?
This is a tough one. The day-after tan can suck in some images, especially the sexier type stuff. Then again, it can help in others (fine art, some fitness, etc). So let's talk about it and figure what will be best for you!
I would love to work with you! Do you teach classes?
I do give one-on-one personal lessons as well as teach classes for local camera clubs and workshops. I also travel to locations for some companies teaching posing and fitness modeling workshops. Just email me and I'll give you the current info!