Servicing the Creative Industry for More Than a Decade

Gustavo is an internationally published fitness and glamour editorial photographer.  You will find his work in international magazines such as Muscle and Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Her’s, Muscle and Body (GNC), Maxim, SOUR Magazine (tattoo), Inked Girls, Beverly International, and advertisements for Nuts n More, GLC 2000, and many other publications and websites.

Gustavo has worked with everyone from the most seasoned professional fitness models to your regular, every day Joe down the street.  When asked about his style Gustavo says, “It isn’t so much me and what I do as I just point my camera and click while they do what they do. I just get lucky. I push their limits physically so I can push myself photographically. My friends do not want photos that are bland and boring. They want photographs that document how they got to where they are and what they do to maintain their amazing physiques.”

Gustavo’s most recent and most notable accolade was being named as one of the top 100 fitness photographers in the US and Canada by Status Fitness Magazine multiple times.

“I just cannot believe it!  It is such a huge honor and so humbling to have my name on a list with the country’s best fitness photographers.  Those are the artists I look up to!”

In addition to photographing his clients, Gustavo is an educator that shares his knowledge with most anyone that asks!

“Photography is an art.  All art is meant to be shared.  There are no secrets to what I or anyone else does.  We only make things better by sharing knowledge.  I remember what it was like starting out.  I hope I can give someone else the guidance that I looked for as a beginner.”