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May 17, 2012
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July 11, 2012
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Jenny Does Playboy

So, this year Jenny McCarthy turns 40. She decided that before she did and “it all fell apart” she was going to pose for the magazine Playboy one more time and she even landed the cover! So congrats to her!

Unfortunately some people have been on a tirade about her “racy” cover image. I’ve seen people on FB call her slutty and ugly and yadda yadda. I guess that old adage is true…haters gonna hate.

Here’s my thought: yeah, she’s a celeb so she’s got a good amount of money to drop on a chef or to learn how to cook her own meals, she works out all the time, and unlike some celebs who’s fame came from a “leaked” sex tape and that requires her donkey donk to be retouched 100% before any shots are released or published, she’s got the body to do it (yes, I know PB images are retouched, but still…). So, instead of hating, just don’t buy or look at the magazine.


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